8 Teams Who Can Win the 2020 NBA Championship

Parity has taken the NBA back to what it checks notes never was. There are still a bunch of teams out there with dynamic duos and today, we look at the 8 teams who have a chance at winning the Larry Obrien Trophy in 2020.
8) Golden State Warriors:
Seems pretty low for the defending western conference champs and the dynasty that won three of the last five championships? We know right? With KD leaving to play for the Brooklyn Nets and no Klay until the spring it’s going to be a tough run for the Dubs in the newly built Chase Center.
The warriors lost a ton of depth and Klay’s torn ACL will keep him out of the lineup until at least the beginning of 2020. The new look dubs will have to gel pretty Quickly, but with Steph Curry leading the charge (with a chip on his shoulder) he’ll have to remind people why he was the 2-time MVP. How well DeAngelo Russell fits in this team will be important.
7) Houston Rockets:
2 MVPs no problems, right? I don’t think it will be that easy. Their season hinges entirely on the relationship between Harden and Westbrook. Can Westbrook play off the ball? Can Harden get himself and the Rockets into their offensive sets quicker, instead of dribbling 23 seconds off the shot clock. How will these two coexist in D’antoni’s system? Will we see the same old story from the Rockets? Good regular season and playoff disappointment unless one of these guys if not both change their ways. Tune in Rockets fans. Same Rocket Time, Same Rocket Channel

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