Follow the Buzzards: My Week Filming Luke Harper

This week I had the opportunity to film, interview, and act in a sketch with Jon Huber (Aka Luke Harper). The shoot went off fairly well ( I goofed on the first day with some audio problems, but recovered on day three). Jon is an extremely great man and hilarious at that. I want to thank him for the opportunity to work with him, and hopefully get the opportunity to work with him in the future.

Funny story: Through conversation me and Luke were talking about wrestling with each other while he was on a bum knee and he said he’d still be able to take me. I got home and jokingly tweeted the tweet below. He said, “I saw your Twitter last night” and instantly I knew, I should watch what I say on the internet.

Luke HarperBlog

It’s interesting interacting with professional athletes at this level because there is a line teetering between professionalism and fandom. I’m always interested in meeting celebrities, but it’s hard for me to get past that point of “Wow this is a celebrity”. I’ve had my fair share of television moments, I’ve signed autographs and I’ve never felt there was some pedestal that I needed to be on. Funny thing about meeting Jon; he had no idea I would be interviewing him and I think a few times I might have crossed the line between being a professional and being a fan, but he was still cool about everything. IMG_5354

My problem is that I don’t know how to be a fan. Thanks to Revolution I’ve rubbed elbows with Antonio Brown, Will, Allen, Wesley Richards, Chantae McMillan, Brian Minto, and countless other celebrities, but I still don’t know how to show my appreciation and not look like a total jabroni. I don’t have any pictures with any of the aforementioned names because I was too afraid to ask and look like a fan. Which, let me clarify, isn’t a bad thing at all. I’m a huge fan of everyone I’ve mentioned, but I’m sure it’s tiring for celebrities to not get a moment to enjoy their days because of their status.

Now I say that to say this; if I’m a fan of yours prepare for full on fandom henceforth!

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