The Detroit Pistons: The Bad Boys and The Jordan Rules

From Korked Bats

It’s insane to think about just how physical the NBA was back then. Think of your all time favorite basketball movie. Now swap out the bad guys for Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Ivan Drago, and two Foot Clan, and you’ve got the Bad Boy Pistons. That’s what Jordan had to go up against. I don’t like to get caught up in the Jordan v. LeBron debate, because that’s all it will ever be… a debate. Personally, I’m just happy and grateful to enjoy both of these greats in their primes. With that said, pretty ironic how Jordan was criticized for not being able to win big games or playoff series in the first third of his career. Sound familiar? Then he was fortunate enough to play on a franchise who locked up the second best player in the sport on the friendliest of team-friendly contracts in the history of sports. But again, I don’t get caught up in that debate. I’m one of those rare few who love both players. Throw me in a straightjacket, right?

and Good If It Goes

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