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I’m Good

Being Good is a Detriment to Your Health

I told myself a lie one day.  “You’re not good enough”.  You have to work to stay on top of your game, to try to the be the best and if you take a day off, you fall behind, because It’s always somebody out there better than you are. This is the athlete mentality, and it has plagued me my entire life and I’m quitting this shit.

I am an addict.  It’s not severe (yet), but I‘ve spent the last ten years self-medicating, exploring, and just pushing everything to my limits.  My desire and will to live is at it’s lowest, because I know the truth: Life is meaningless.  I didn’t type this to scare anybody and please don’t concern yourself with this as a threat. I’m  pointing out the fact that none of this matters, so my need to feel insecure about my desires and fear of failure can all be put aside so I can do one thing, be fucking good.

My most severe addiction of all, is my addiction to being fucking good.  I cannot be ass at what I do.  I obsess over it.  I am good at what I do, but I’m also bad at what I do.  I was unorganized, lethargic, and I’m broke as fuck.  I take on projects that aren’t worth my time and I say yes to everything.  Being good is about understanding the fault in all of that.  

I’m willing to fall flat on my face, out of the sake of boredom, or some desire to be loved, or whatever this addiction is feeding off.  I told myself, “Give it 6 months and if you fail, go home and recalculate”.   That was two years ago.   I don’t know how I keep making it, but shit keeps happening to me through random probabilities this universe has created.  That’s called luck, which is cool and all, but Profile also taught me that I need some foundation.  

I’m coming to terms with a lot of things, and one thing is that I definitively know what I want, and will stop at nothing to get it.  Which gives me meaning.  I never really wanted to start a family, I think it’s one of those things we’re told we are supposed to do, but it feels like something that can give me meaning.  I want to build a foundation, a career and a stable family, but I’m stubborn, and I’m only going to do it my way.

I'm Fucking Good at Everything

I finished my thesis film Profile – A Film by DeQwan Young and it gave me respect for myself. I’m fucking good; at everything.  If I’m not good at it, give me 6 months and I can get good at it.  Lyneil, was talking about Ronda Rousey and her “skill acquisition”, how she can learn and understand how things work.   I think it’s a gift all high-functioning athletes have, and guess the fuck what buddy, I’m in that same class.

Profile taught me, that I can’t be stopped.  I tell people all the time, “If I say I’m going to do something, It’s done.”  I can do everything at a high level.  professional level, award winning level, and I truly believe that.  It may not happen the first go round, but the biggest improvement has to be from one play to the next.  Greg Huster taught me that.

I answered the question I was seeking in creating that film.  The probability of me making to where I am now, from where I’ve been, makes me believe I’m special.  Which is how everyone should feel about themselves.  I made it, no matter what lies I tell myself to keep going.  I get caught up in the notion that “This isn’t making me rich” as if that’s the benchmark of success.  I’ve changed people’s lives and that’s the thing I value the most. Which is exactly why I’m good now.

Q3 Media

Last year I created this plan.  I turned my company into a film, tv and sports company, Q3 Media (Qubed Media).  I’d build three channels on YouTube along with Qwality Sports and with the intention of creating a studio.  I tend to overestimate my abilities a lot and I put timestamps on everything.  Profile taught me that my plan isn’t linear.  

I plan to create.  The process of making art is time consuming.  I need time to flesh things out and improve upon them, which was the process I experienced last year.  I came out with this energy of world domination, and got bit in the ass by my own plans.  So I’m taking timestamps off things.  

I think everything is a home run, and it’s going to be what propels me to the next level.  Which is foolish to think of, seeing as how I have not hit a home run in awhile.  One thing I realized over the past few years is, these niggas is not about to give me no money dog lol.   There won’t be a magic fairy that shows up with a bag of money with a dollar sign on it, so I have to work. I have to create my own money. Every digital file I throw online has the possibility to keep me going.  

I need views.  Views leads to money, money leads to freedom.  That’s the equation.  I need more money to do the things, I want to do, like feed myself Crab Rangoon, things of that nature.  So I have to create, and because I’m so good, it’s going to work.  The work I create has made everybody else money, but me, and Profile taught me FUCK THAT.  I’m responsible for a ton of great media, online and on television, and those are facts.  I can do everything at a high level, and I can acquire skills, BIG FACTS MAX KELLERMAN.  I’m confident in my abilities, and I know that no matter what obstacle, there’s always another page to turn.

Creativity is flowing through me, so I figured I would state my intentions. I’m going to try to win an Oscar. Not on no, “I always dreamed about it” shit, but because I just think I’m good enough to win an Oscar. “I’m not talented, I’m obsessed”, Wesley Richards said that in an interview, and it encapsulates everything about who I am.

I tell underdog stories, because that’s what I know. The feelings, the emotions, I know the underdog story very well. I’m learning how to craft these stories into what I believe will be several Oscar worthy films, a long, stable career, or at least a BET Award, because I’m good and I recognize it.  Most people around me don’t or they would have paid me to do it for them already.  Profile taught me, that nobody cares about me, more than me, and to quote TO, “I love me, some me.”

So, I’m going for the shit.  I’m going to try and apply.  I’m going to attempt, I’m going to make a leap and do everything I’ve been telling you I’m going to do for the last ten years.  To generate enough revenue to make a film, I need 40,250,000 views on my channel to be able to make a bigger budget film.


The goal is to self-fund.  I have multiple films planned, and I’ve created several short form documentaries with little-to-no budget, and I realize, that’s the only way to accomplish my goal; make movies. Up first: The Beast: The Final Fight

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DeQwan Young's award winning short film

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My thesis film, Profile – A Film by DeQwan Young

Life is a journey…

I just want to say thank you, for your continued support. It took me a lot to get to this point, and I am forever grateful for the progress. If I end up with 5,000 raving Qwanamaniacs, or the same 20 of you who constantly support me whenever I drop something, I will be forever appreciative. Today, I’m releasing my short film Profile – A Film by DeQwan Young. I graduated film school last year, and since, I’ve been obsessed with this film. I’ve watched it countless times, sometimes I hate it, sometimes I loathe it, but I completed it. That’s the most important take away from this process for me. Doing things to completion.

DeQwan Young the 'actor'
A ‘scene’ from Profile.

I think I talk a good talk. I’ve told everybody my plans, and the more I watch things back, the more I realize I am well on that path. I’ve always hated everything I made because I’m the center of it, but it was out of necessity. I also never felt I was good enough, at anything, but it can’t be true. There’s too much evidence that proves otherwise. Doubt, insecurity, uncertainty are all words that came up a lot in this process, but I understand those versions of myself. They all helped get me to this moment.

I don’t need to be the main character on-screen, but I’ve vowed to do so off-camera. For a decade, I’ve been giving my work away at the cheapest price, and I’ve only been rewarded with more work. I’m good at this, I have a degree, and millions of views to prove it, so the part of me that hates everything has to die today. I released this film in November, in the most cowardly way, in silence. Here we are some 5 months later, and I’ve finally mustered up the courage to release the film.

I’m building three YouTube channels, Qwality TV, Qwality Films, and while creating new content. This is what I know how to do, and I don’t know how to do anything else. So this year, I’m going for it. I’ll be updating everyone as we go, but buckle up BAYBEH, WE GOING ON A RIDE! Watch Profile!

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DeQwan Young's award winning short film

Profile – A Film by DeQwan Young

is now an award winning film. Thank you to the Delta International Film Festival for showing Profile and awarding us the Best Short Documentary in your film festival.

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What do you do when there’s a mountain in front of you? 

Watch the teaser trailer for Qwantity Media’s: Profile: A Film by DeQwan Young. Available November 12th, 2022 

The profile of filmmaker, DeQwan Young.  Born in Pontiac, MI, DeQwan dreamed of one day making it to the NFL.  After a failed attempt, he hung up his cleats and turned to the world of directing.  In a span of three years, DeQwan made a name for himself as a video host on the internet while pursuing a degree in film school.  Through archival clips, interviews with his family, and more, DeQwan chronicles his journey from failed athlete to potential Hollywood director, as he leaves Pontiac, MI and travels west to pursue his dreams. 

Starring: DeQwan Young  

Featuring: Kimberly Young and Louis Esposito 

The film is directed, written and produced by DeQwan Young of Qwantity Entertainment & Media. 

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The Beast: The Final Fight | Documentary | A Qwality Film

The Beast: The Final Fight chronicles the retirement fight of Brian Minto, a rugged underdog who quit his job at age 27 to become a professional boxer. From humble beginnings in Butler, PA, the former football player honed his craft in the ring, with his determination and never say die attitude. Follow Brian as he reflects on his journey in the world of boxing, while promoting his own retirement fight.

Alchemizing Judgment: A Guide Back to Love (Documentary)

How do you win the game of life? Over the years, Abigail Gazda has transformed her passion for education into a full-time career as a motivational speaker, author, life coach, and publisher, but it took years of healing to manifest the life she lives. Alchemizing Judgment shows the budding of her career and early beginnings, to the release of her third book, where she teaches you how to turn everything into love; Sharing her philosophy in life, love, career, and beyond!


10 Wildcard Teams Who Made it to the Super Bowl

The Wild Card

Will another Wild Card team win the Super Bowl?  Now that we all know that Tom Brady isn’t a system quarterback, we ask a question that is older than time itself: Can Tom Brady win another Super Bowl?  This year, the wild card was bigger than before, so you know what that means? More football!  

The Berth of the Wildcard

The wild card format began in 1970, to help facilitate the NFL-AFL Merger. One thing the Wild Card was good for, was giving bad teams a chance. The 1982 Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns made the playoffs with a (4-5) record, thanks to the ’82 NFL strike.  The league expanded the playoff field and held a 16 team tournament.  The Lions ran into eventual Super Bowl champs Washington, in a 31-7 first-round loss.  The Browns got a first-round exit thanks to the Los Angeles Raiders, 27-10 

Thanks to the divisional realignment in 2002 we saw some interesting teams get into the playoffs and cause more chaos than you know. 

In 2010, the Seahawks became the third team in NFL history to make the playoffs as a wildcard team. As a result, they became the first team with a losing record to win a playoff game.  Marshawn Lynch caused an earthquake after this 67 yard touchdown run, where he told the Saints defense to hold my di——–.

The Beast Quake

The 2014 Carolina Panthers  had back to back division titles, winning the NFC South with a 12-4 mark in 2013, then doing the same the following year with a (7-8-1) record. They would become the second team with a losing record to win a playoff game after Cam and the division winning panthers defeated the 11-5 Arizona Cardinals.  

10 Wildcard Teams Who Made it to the Super Bowl

There have been 10 wild card teams to make it to the Super Bowl. In 1975, the Tom Landry-led Cowboys nabbed the only wild card spot after finishing (10-4), second to the St. Louis Cardinals (11-3) in the NFC East. 

Roger Staubach in the Wild Card round

The Dallas Cowboys (1975)

En-route to an appearance in Super Bowl ten, the Cowboys won a Divisional round game against the Minnesota Vikings 17-14. This game was notable due to the first Hail Mary pass being completed, as Roger Staubach found Drew Pearson from 50 yards out. 

The NFC Championship would see the Cowboys dismantle the Rams 37-7.  In the Super Bowl, America’s Team, as they would come to be known in the following years, would lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 21-17  

New England Patriots (1985) 11-5 

In 1985, the (11-5) New England Patriots clinched the fifth and final seed in the AFC playoffs. They won a wild card round matchup over Jets 26-14, a divisional round game against the Raiders, 27-20, and the Miami Dolphins in the AFC Championship, 31-14.  They became the first team to win three road games, to get to the Super Bowl. At super bowl XX, they got served by the Chicago Bears, 46-10.  

Buffalo Bills (1992)

On the way to appearing in their third straight Super Bowl, the 1992 Buffalo Bills finished second in the AFC East behind the Dolphins.  They hosted the Houston Oilers in a little wild card game called, The Comeback.  

The Bills were down 35-3 to the Oilers when backup quarterback Frank Reich orchestrated an incredible comeback and the Bills won in overtime, 41-38. They would blow out the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Divisional round 24-3, and defeat the Miami Dolphins in the AFC Championship game, 29-10.

As you all know, Buffalo doesn’t have a super bowl title in their trophy case.  They lost four straight in the 90s and in Super Bowl twenty seven they lost BIG to the Dallas Cowboys 52-17 

Tennessee Titans (1999)

In 1999, the Tennessee Titans got a new nickname, a new look, and they became the newest wild card team to enjoy a Super Bowl run.  

The Titans won four of their last four games, to finish 13-3 which was still only good enough for second place, behind the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Central.  As the fourth seed, they hosted their first-round game.  The fans were in for a treat with the Music City Miracle; The Bills won, 22-16.  They would pull off an upset off second year quarterback Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts, 19-16 and routed the Jaguars 33-14. Their super Bowl run would end in the most dramatic way possible.  Kevin Dyson was tackled one yard short of what would have been a game-tying touchdown, instead they lost 23-16. 

It’s a game of inches folks. 

Oakland Raiders (1980)

The first wild card team to win the Super Bowl, was the 1980 Oakland Raiders.  After moving on from Kenny Stabler in the offseason, The Raiders finished second in the AFC West behind the Chargers, who were also 11-5, after finding a spark in Jim Plunkett; they were the fourth seed, so they hosted the fifth-seeded Oilers.  

The Raiders would pick off former quarterback Ken Stabler twice, on their way to a twenty seven to seven victory. After beating the Oilers, the Raiders would steal a victory over the Cleveland Browns, after Mike Davis intercepted a pass in the end zone. They won a shootout with the Super Chargers in the AFC Championship, winning 34-27 right before taking down the Eagles in Super Bowl XV in New Orleans, 27-10 

Jim Plunkett GOING DEEP
“He look like he open”

Jim Plunkett was the MVP becoming the first minority quarterback to win a super bowl, and first Latino to be named super bowl mvp.  

Denver Broncos (1997)

The 1997 Denver Broncos finished with 12 wins but were second in the AFC West behind the Chiefs (13-3).  Denver got to host their first-round game a rout against the Jacksonville Jaguars, 42-17.  Then won two on the road against Kansas City and the Pittsburgh Steelers, by scores of 14-10 and 24-21 respectively. The Broncos would finish their run with a 31-24 win over the Green Bay Packers after Terrell Davis rushed scored his third touchdown of the day with a minute and fourth five left. He finished as the games MVP, rushing for 157 yards.  

Bet the House on Brady

Brady da Gawd throwing downfield
The last four wild-card winners to get to the Super Bowl have won it. 

Baltimore Ravens (2000)  

In the season before the current division realignment, the 2000 Ravens were the top wild card team and the fourth seed, so they hosted the Broncos to start the playoffs.  

2000 Ravens Defense
The greatest defense ever?

After finishing (12-4) with one of the nastiest defenses of all time, the Ravens crushed teams in their path. With wins at home against Denver, and on the road against Tennessee and Oakland, they would put on one of the most dominant displays of defense in Super Bowl XXXV.

The Divisional Re-alignment

After the division realignment, they got rid of the third wild card and gave it to the fourth division winner, that made it harder for wildcard teams, because of road games.  

Only four of these wild card teams — New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, and Green Bay Packers — won three games on the road to make it to the Super Bowl.  

Pittsburgh Steelers (2005)

The Steelers won their final four regular-season games and clinched a playoff berth with a win over the Lions in Week 17. They were the sixth seed in the AFC.  

They would beat the Cincinnati Bengals in the Wild card round, 31-17. Followed by a spectacular upset of the Indianapolis Colts, in which Ben Roethlisberger saved the season by a shoe string, and finally, a double digit victory over the Broncos.  

The Bus wins one in Detroit

The Steelers would go on to defeat the Seahawks. in Super Bowl XL.  They were just the second team since the merger to win three road games in the playoffs and win  the Super Bowl.  

New York Giants (2007)

David Tyree

In 2007, the Giants had to win every playoff game on the road, to get to the Super Bowl in Phoenix. In a wild card  matchup, it would be smooth sailing past the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with the Giants winning, 24-14. There was a giant upset in the divisional round, as a game-winning Tony Romo drive was picked off. The Giants traveled to the Frozen Tundra, as they stole the NFC Championship in overtime, 23-20.  Before going on to upset the undefeated New England Patriots 17-14 at Super Bowl XLII

Green Bay Packers (2010)

The last wild card team to make it to the Super Bowl was the Aaron Rodgers-led 2010 Packers. They were the sixth and final seed in the NFC that year. They won in Week 17 to get in, and their Super Bowl run began in Philadelphia, where they would defeat the Eagles  21-16. In the divisional round, they won handily against the Atlanta falcons 48-21. In the Conference Championship they would beat their division rival, the Chicago Bears. In Super Bowl 45, Aaron Rodgers would bring home super bowl mvp, beating the Steelers  31-25 

It’s not impossible for a Wild Card team to win the Super Bowl. As the founding member of the I hate Aaron Rodgers fan club, I actually welcome it. Tom Brady is 2 and 1 in head to head matchups with Aaron Rodgers, but Rodgers only victory, came at Lambeau Field.  

All bets are off with this game, the only thing I can say is **** the Packers.

Aaron Rodgers wins the Super Bowl

The Jordan Rules

The Detroit Pistons: The Bad Boys and The Jordan Rules

Every story needs a villain. LeBron has the Warriors. Me? It’s snacking after midnight. For Michael Jordan, it was the Bad Boys.

The Bad Boys

The Bad Boys

were the greatest and most productive era of basketball in the history of the Detroit Pistons.  They were the bridge from the NBA of old, to Jordan’s NBA.  The NBA we all still clamor for.  None of this friendly, jersey swapping, hand-holding, team up garbage.

I’m talking about your Daddy’s NBA.  The era where players would get mauled, start a royal rumble, shoot free throws and continue the game.  The Bad Boy Pistons didn’t three peat or win 10 straight titles.  They built a team, had a run, and gave the greatest player of all time his toughest challenge. Every story needs a villain, and the Bad Boys were the NBA’s greatest villains.  The Bad Boys stopped the greatest from getting his with three simple words.

These are the Jordan Rules.

The Greatest

Bad Boys Pistons

Now by all means, I think Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time, and we Pistons fans are the only fans who can lay claim to stopping the GOAT.  The Pistons were the big bad villain, who cheap-shotted and roughed up the superstar.  In Four matchups with the Pistons, Mike only won one series, but he ended the run, so that’s why he gets all the credit.  .

Remember every story needs a villain, and the Pistons were a major roadblock for the Bulls. The Pistons had Jordan IN HELL thanks to the Jordan Rules.  THEE defensive strategy designed to “Limit Jordan’s effectiveness”, and by all means they did.

Jordan was 1-3 against the Pistons in the playoffs, he had people questioning his ability to lead and he even had people questioning his ability to win.  Yes, that Michael Jordan. The man that we debate being the greatest off all time was in HELL, thanks to the Jordan Rules.

The Jordan Rules

The Jordan rules went as follows:

  • If Michael was at the point, we forced him left and doubled him.
  • On the left wing, we went immediately to a double team from the top.
  • If he was on the right wing, we went to a slow double team.
  • And if he was on the box, we doubled with a big guy
  • The other rule was, any time he went by you, you had to nail him.

Physicality was the name of the game.  The Jordan Rules were not only defensive guidelines to guarding Michael Jordan, they were mind games.  Rick Mahorn said the team used “The Jordan Rules” to get in the head of the legend. When Jordan came into the league, he was the chosen one.  Jordan was supposed to bring balance to the force or whatever that Star Wars stuff says. The problem was, Jordan couldn’t get over the hump.

The Legend Begins

In 1985, he lost 3-1 to the Bucks, and Jordan got swept by the Celtics in 1986 and 1987. In 1988,he gave us his first playoff series win with, The Shot.  His first series against the Pistons was in the 1988 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals and Jordan was kept in check.  The Jordan Rules were effective as the Pistons held (Well relatively.  He’s Michael Jordan.) Jordan to 27 points and beat the Bulls 4-1.  The Pistons would go on to lose to the Lakers in the NBA Finals.

In 1989 Jordan would fail again, as the Pistons won their first title.  So, in 1990, surely the third time would be the charm? NOPE BACK TO BACK BABY.  The Pistons reign ended in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals, when Michael Jordan and the Bulls finally vanquished their greatest foe, sweeping Detroit.

Jordan shoots over Dumars

With seconds left in Game Four the Pistons kept the tradition alive (Started by Boston) the team walked off the floor without shaking the hands of their opponents. Isiah Thomas did not play on “The Dream Team” due to this incident.  Michael Jordan had reportedly agreed to participate on The Dream Team only if Isiah was not on the squad.

The Bad Boys Run

The Bad Boys spectacular run was the story here. They will always be a major plot point in the story arc and evolution of Michael Jordan’s career.  The Pistons were the catalyst to make Michael Jordan obsessed with winning. The man hit the weight room, got stronger, stayed in the gym longer and did what he had to do, to get past his greatest foe.

In a world that admires villains, the Bad Boys were the ultimate big bads. Remember, every story needs a villain and the Bad Boys were the greatest.

30 for 30 Presents: The Greatest Cry: Crying Jordan

Black Twitter 30 for 30 Presents: The Greatest Cry Starring Crying Jordan

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Neighbor Story | Marriage Story (Parody) | Qwality Cut

You all know that scene from Marriage Story? Well I was in the movie, but they cut my part. Since it’s The Oscar’s, we decided to release the #QwalityCut.

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Thank You Kobe – Tribute to The Life of Kobe Bryant

On Sunday January 26th, 2020. Kobe Bryant passed away at the age of 41 years old along with his daughter Gianna and 7 others. Kobe Bryant was an icon. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to NBA player Joe “Jellybean” Bryant.

Kobe would spend his formative years in Italy as his father continued his basketball career. He would return to the states and earn recognition at Lower Marion High School. That path, would eventually lead him to the NBA. In the first round of the 1996 NBA draft. Kobe would be drafted by the Charlotte Hornets, but he would never suit up. The Los Angeles Lakers would trade their starting center for the rights to Kobe Bryant.

Bryant became the youngest player to ever play in and start an NBA game. Tho most of his rookie season was spent as a backup to Eddie Jones, Kobe would shine brightly in the 1997 Slam Dunk contest.

Kobe Bryant would win 5 NBA Titles, Two Finals MVP’s and the Most Valuable Player award for the 2008 Season. He is survived by his wife and three daughters.

Thank You Kobe

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