Paying College Athletes

Listen, I’m gonna be honest with you. The reason you don’t think NCAA athletes should get paid, is because you thought your coach hated you in high school. because you believed you should’ve been a starter, and the all-state, Mr. Football running back, who once rushed for 604 yards on 11 carries, wasn’t even that good.

Paying college athletes is a slippery slope, yes, but here’s the thing, nobody asked you for your stupid ass opinion.

For the 2017 fiscal year the NCAA reported 1 billion dollars in revenue, with most of the revenue stream coming from the Division 1 Men’s Basketball Championship.

Now, I know you wanna argue some stupid ass point about some guy in science class not getting paid for doing something academically. But please don’t. If science was entertaining, Disney would have bought it and put it on its streaming service. When I’m on the field risking paralysis or a degenerative brain disease, Johnny isn’t in the lab dissecting a pig brain, he’s in the stands screaming at the top of his lungs because he just drank a fifth of Grey goose because he can afford to work. I’m also old as hell and grey goose was popping when I was in college. Yea a long time ago.

F**k Tim Tebow

Basically, the point I’m trying to make is fuck Tim Tebow. He can stand on his soap box all he wants and turn money down because he never needed it, but there’s an athlete on scholarship right now, who is on the verge of escaping poverty, but the family he left behind is in a less than stellar situation and he’s helpless. The chances that these kids are mostly black are very very high. Not only is that disheartening, it’s also fucking trash, because the coaches that have to listen to these kids stories every four years go home to 10 million dollar pay days and a cozy home life.

The system has been flawed since its inception, and now there’s a chance that athletes can have a better college experience. Yes it should be about the education, and it is, but the fact that NCAA athletes bring in over millions and billions of dollars in revenue for their perspective schools and see none of it is asinine.

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