The Return of One Minute Movies | Black Friday

I present to you the return of One Minute Movies. Now that I have a few credits under my belt and think I’m somewhat of slight importance, I feel the need to create more.  As I work toward my thesis at National University, I know that I am working towards my career goal of being in the film industry.  With that project and degree I am working toward, I understand the importance of having a festival quality film and I know working towards that is my goal.

With that being said, I have to take the time now to develop and discover my style of filmmaking.  In comes, One Minute Movies as I will attempt to take something simple and learn some of the basic elements of storytelling and filmmaking, all while honing my craft in a fun manner.  My goal is to attempt to put out one film a week.

Below is the microfilm Black Friday

Enjoy and remember, Qwantity = Quality

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